Accessories and Bike Repairs

Helmets, Gloves, Pedals, Bells, Horns, Mirrors, Bags, Baskets, Pumps, Patch Kits, Locks, Water Bottles, Car Racks, Baby Seats, Baby Trailers, Grips, Streamers, Toe Clips, Bar Tape & Much More!


Call for quotes on all other repairs and restorations


  • Adjust brakes and gears
  • Oil all cables
  • Minor wheel alignment
  • Clean and polish bicycle
  • Check nuts and bolts for tightness

Ultra Tune-Up 

  • Includes everything from regular tune-up plus:
  • Grease wheels
  • Grease bearings
  • Grease bottom bracket
  • Take everything apart to grease including fork and headset

Gear adjustments 

Brake adjustments

Drive train clean + lube 

Flat Tire:
Wheel Straightening by Our Experts:

Price is subject to change without prior notice